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Sabpack Optic Scopes

Sapack optic scope 1.2-6X20 Tactical Riflescope Cross Sight with One-piece strong mount for Hunting Sniper Airsoft Air Guns

Sapack optic scope 1.2-6X20 Tactical Riflescope Cross Sight with One-piece strong mount for Hunting Sniper Airsoft Air Guns

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Material : 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum ,hard anodize finish .

Magnification: 1.2-6x

Objective Lens Diameter: 20mm

Tube Diameter: 25 4mm

Length: 23cm

Weight: 300 Grams

Marking: Line

Focal Plane: The Second Focal Plane

Click To Adjust The Value: 1 / 4moa

Clear Vision.

Mounts: with one-piece strong scope mounts




This optic company is a factory  and offer up a growing range of shooting optics. The company is based out of China and already have a LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) as well as a red dot on offer.

SABPACK 1.2-6×20

We tested out the LPVO which had a 1.2-6×20 magnification. The box included scope rings, lens cloth and a good set of instructions on the functions of the scope. The scope was fitted to a Henry lever action .22 which is perfect for a LPVO shooting out to 300 meters.


The scope has a 20mm aluminum tube and is well made for the price point. The scope is not the most robust optic but for use on the .22 we selected it won’t have a hard life. There are certain times budget optics can work and we don’t recommend them for firearms that are going to get hammered, such as large calibers or 12 gauges. The recoil in firearms such as these can damage budget optics.

A great feature of the optic is that it is waterproof, so there were no concerns about the effects of the weather on the performance of the optic.


The glass in the SABPACK 1.2-6×20 is matched with the price point. We could easily make out targets at 100, 200 and 300 meters. The only complaint was the noticeable chromatic aberration on the edges of the optic at all levels of magnification. For the primary use of this optic on the .22 it wasn’t a deal breaker.


The reticle is a great choice for the optic. The simple cross-hair makes it easy to identify and acquire targets. The reticle was perfectly matched to the LPVO.


The turrets on the SABPACK 1.2-6×20 are capped. The click value of the dials are in ¼ MOA. The covers are easily unscrewed and give access to the scope’s elevation and windage dials. Once the adjustments were made and the caps screwed back on, the scope was good to go.


The optic weighs in at 300grams which is a good weight for both a hunting and range scope.

In the Field

Changing magnification out in the field was easy with the right amount of tension on the magnification ring. Sighting in the optic was easily achieved with the scopes dials tracking well to the adjustments needed.

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